A LEATHER BELT Which figure is the most attractive male eye?

 We are certainly talking about a sand watch figure

If your mother nature did not bless you with a tiny waist and prominent hips and chests, do not despair. Of course, you can spend time and effort to improve your diet and spend hours in the gym, which is certainly recommended for health, but you can also get this figure in a simpler way.

An interesting fact is that it does not matter if you are size 36 or 46 to look attractive. One important thing is that the waist makes 70% of the diameter of the hips.

We always want what we do not have. That’s why women love bears on men and why men with admiration look at women’s curves and curves. There is a very easy way to make your silhouette desirable. Strap is a great fashion accessory that will change your every combination of clothes in a matter of minutes.

Imagine being in a lightweight A-crown dress. You love this little summer scoop, but even when you wear sandals and complete a combination of great accessories like a big bag, a hat or a necklace statement, something is missing.

Here’s the help of the leather strap. We love them all but a good leather strap raises the combination to a new level. Our, until recently, improper dresses took on a new life with this intervention.

The leather belt will suit you either by pulling it through the eyebrows on the pile to have a pragmatic function or you can simply raise it to the level of the right waist. This is the correct fashion choice. From the door the number one fashion imperative this year is hidden by a high waist.

We choose to choose a thick or thin belt. The thicker one will serve as a modified corset that will further emphasize the silhouette while the more prone to being decently attracted to your slim waistline.


Though his primary function was to keep clothing items so as not to slip from his thighs, he has become much more than that today. Just a good strap from a simple combination can make a masterpiece.

Recently, there has been some sort of gender difference, but this does not mean that getting your wardrobe, wife, or brother in your wardrobe needs to look wicked and ruthless. The strap is a quick and easy solution. Instant creates the shape and silhouette that you would like. This has been particularly prominent in the last couple of years when the height of the jaw was raised to the one that was resting on the hip towards the right waist.


Strap is an interesting fashion accessory whose potential in everyday clothing is simply not enough. We can destroy or build a garment combination, give shape to a packed piece of clothing, or simulate a clock shape even if we can not remove those few last pounds accumulated in the waist area.

Belt had only the practical function of the garment holder, but today it turned into a real little art, and each one of us can find one for ourselves and incorporate it into our own style. But they differ very much from the message they send. So if you are a capable young business woman, you will not go to work with a scarf that has a stylus buckle, all of your favorite cartoon mouse, Mickey Maus.

You will choose a decent leather belt that shows the seriousness and openness of the job and that will not attract too much attention though it will look great and powerful. However, in the business environment, focus is on mentality, unless you do not, of course, work in front of cameras or photo lenses.

Understanding is certainly one of the features that a business belt shares with its sports cousin, but the rest are different. So the strap is the one you can wear in a casual combination and it will not look overwhelmed. You will not, of course, crank your body while exercising, but wondering about the wide pants and the usual interesting T-shirt, your chips come with a strap of the same material that will allow maximum comfort. If you go to a barbecue where you will play badminton, or you will hunt the frisbee, you will not have to worry about the pants that could spill.

Such a strap can be made of multiple materials, and will certainly be much more creative and fun than a strict business belt. Your spare time is just yours and therefore discard the uniformed style, get some interesting strap and sprinkle some magical beeswax in your fashion combinations. Enjoy combining and play, fashion should be fun and creative.



In the wardrobe of modern women indispensable, the accessory is the belts. They help not only emphasize the waist line or more to change the proportions of your character, but also the basic add some polet to your everyday outfit. Often tapes not only embellish and complement women’s dress, but also form the style of their owner. Choosing a modern waistband can instantly transform a bag or shirt in a large stylish outfit that will fit in the picture.

The waistband and the waistband are almost mandatory for any suit. And almost does not bother what he wears – business suit, or autumn coat light dress. Sometimes it is much harder to buy a convenient waist than to pick a suit. After all, this belt should be compatible not only with clothing, but also shoes, bags. And if you buy a strap to wear on top of the garment, then he must be approached by the gloves. It’s not an easy task when it’s so “necessary”. And perhaps because many women can boast an impressive collection of different belts and belts – that any suit should choose the most suitable options. There are also a multitude of thin strips of all colors and wide leather belts, original and expensive belts adorned with rhinestones, embroidery, bulky clasps and other décor. Fortunately, modern belt manufacturers offer women the choice of different styling choices and colors, from which you can choose a belt for all shapes and tastes.