ntroduced: 1990
CPU: Zilog Z80
RAM: 64K

ROM: 256K

Ports: Centronics Printer & 9 Pin

Serial RS-232

Controls:  Contrast

Display: 14 x 80 Low Contrast LCD 
Operating System: ROM Based Interface

& Programs

If you think this unit looks similar to the

Tandy WP2 you may be right!.  Amstrad

Computer Co. contracted Citizen CBM Division to produce these units just as Tandy did with the WP-2.  That does not

mean that they are the same machine.  Quite the contrary.  The Amstrad NC-100 is a different unit right down to the motherboard.

Notable differences are the lack of a Tape Recorder Interface port and an inferior display. 

The NC100 shown here to the left has been upgraded here at  The

Amstrad has a grey LCD display which for anyone over 40 (like me) is difficult to see.  But

this is the only shortfall of the NC100.  This unit is a great notepad computer!  The SRAM

PCMCIA socket gives you ability to use any SRAM memory card allowing for upgrades up

to 1MB. The preinstalled programs include; Word Processor with British English Dictionary,

Address Book, Calculator, Clock, Diary and the BASIC programming language!. 

I purchased my unit on eBay and wanted one in my collection due to it’s relation with my

favorite portable the Tandy WP2.  When I found the display weak, I decided to do

something about it!  I acquired ‘high contrast’ display panels and corrected the problem. 

For some real enjoyment I am offering an upgrade service to anyone with the Amstrad

NC100.  If you want a superior display and wish to make your Amstrad near perfect take

advantage of this service.  The following are the before and after photos.

Display Before UpgradeDisplay After Upgrade

Click on each photo get a closer look

To order your display module upgrade you can ‘buy now’ from this page or visit our Online

Vintage Computer Store.

 DescriptionPriceShippingTotal (US)
HCD-NC100PT – Amstrad NC100 ‘High Contrast’ Display upgrade. Citizen CBM Display Module45.0020.0065.00