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Best 5 Jewelry Stringing Materials Suppliers in 2023


When it comes to creating a DIY jewelry project, finding the right stringing material is vital. There are numerous kinds of beads to choose from. You can choose from a smooth stone bead with a large hole to a tiny glass bead with sharp edges. If you choose the right stringing materials, you will be sure that your jewelry is constructed securely and will stand up to normal wear and tear.

Choosing the Right Jewelry Stringing Materials

When choosing jewelry making supplies, it’s important to consider what will best fit your project goals. Different types of materials can achieve different effects, and so understanding their properties is key in getting the desired result. Here are a few popular options for jewelry stringing materials:

Nylon Coated Steel Wire
Nylon coated wire is widely used due to its strength and flexibility. This type of material is available in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and lengths. Additionally, it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to work with. One disadvantage is that it tends to fray easily, so some experimentation may be required.

Elastic Cords
Elastic cords come in both natural and synthetic compositions, making them very versatile. They are available in many different widths, which makes them ideal for use in almost any jewelry project. Because they stretch, elastic cords are great for creating necklaces and bracelets that can accommodate various sizes of wrists and necks.

Cotton Cords
Cotton cords are a great choice for those who want a soft and supple option. The material is easy to knot and braid, allowing for intricate designs. The downside is that cotton is not as strong as other stringing materials, so it’s generally not recommended for larger designs.

To ensure you get the right look and feel for your jewelry, consider experimenting with different types of stringing materials. With creativity and perseverance, you can make virtually any design come to life!

Best 5 Jewelry Stringing Materials Suppliers in 2023

1, Pandahall


With PandaHall, you can purchase small, high-quality items made in factories around the world. The company offers jade, silver, pearls, gemstones, lampwork glass, crystal items, and more. PandaHall offers jewelry manufacturers and retailers a wide range of solutions based on their needs as Squaretrade Verified Sellers, including jade, silver, pearls, gemstones, lampwork glass, crystal items, among others.

Several product management functions associated with PandaHall’s international products are handled by PandaHall Logistics Center, which is responsible for handling a number of PandaHall’s international products. In addition to purchasing, storing, sorting, tallying, distribution, inverting, loading, and shipping, the center also handles a number of functions associated with product management.

2, Jewelrysupply


A wide selection of charms and pendants are available from, including cast pewter charms, sterling silver pendants, gold filled pendants, base metal pendants, and many more. is the place where you can purchase Charms and Pendants for your next bracelet or jewelry design. They are delighted to carry TierraCast charms, known for their quality and selection of charms.

3, Artbeads


Check out the beautifully crafted charms and pendants that they offer that features a wide range of shapes, themes, and materials, which make them a perfect addition to any collection. It is an excellent idea to add charms to jewelry designs to create a sentimental gift for friends and loved ones or to spread wonderful news like important milestones in your own life through charms. The pendants that they offer are generally focal pieces that are really going to enhance your necklace when you incorporate themr look for the perfect pendant to match the beads you already have. It is their aim to provide you with the finest selection of charms and pendants for any jewelry-making needs you may have, ranging from artisan treasures and sterling silver stunners to handmade beauties and much more.

4, Rings-things


In the 1960s, Russ Nobbs began selling handmade wire name pins and beaded wire earrings at state fairs in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Washington, including the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City. A small jewelry store in Spokane, Washington was opened by Russ in 1972. Over the years, the store grew to include thousands of items, including Navajo turquoise rings, sterling silver jewelry from around the world, beads, art glass, and much more!

5, Beadsjar


As a company that is ever-growing, it was born from a love of the Arts and Crafts and an abundance of colours as well as high quality materials, which brought them into the beading and the jewellery industry. They started with two individuals who have a great passion for jewellery making. Their small premises began with two individuals who are passionate about making jewellery.