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Many periodicals printed about the TRS-80 computer, and other 8bit machines such as the Aquarius, Apple, LNW-80, Kypro had a mass amount of good information. For the most part these articles and bits of wisdom have been burned or end up in the compost. Today when you pick up magazine most stories are fluff designed to illicit advertising dollars from the top 100 manufacturers. This is not to say that all columnists sell out.

Collected here, as time permits, we have captured articles from many of these magazines from the past. Although we have not obtained written permission to reproduce these articles, every effort will be made to ensure that credits are posted accurately. If for some reason you find an article that you may have a vested interest in and do not wish your work posted, please email the webmaster and we will immediately remove the information with apologies. But please remember, the purpose of this website is to SUPPORT those who still use these great machine and to preserve the library of work recorded over the years. This collection of work just maybe yours. For those wanting their work posted here, please email the webmaster and we will include it here. Thank you for your understanding and consideration.


As avid TRS-80 users we at 8bit-Micro constantly look for new and vintage hardware/software solutions for the old 8bit machines. We do have our favorites, and you may not be familiar with them. Here, you will find reviews on hardware and software still being circulated within the 8bit community. We hope they will help, if not inspire you to go digging and resurrect your old Micro. Have fun..

Technical Articles

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