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Hands Free Breast Pump: Steps for breastfeeding mother to follow to return to work quickly


Women on getting married dream of bearing lovely, healthy children. However, increasing expenditure and the drive to lead an independent life has compelled many women to do 9-5 or even multiple jobs. But giving birth to a baby is filled with lots of responsibilities especially having to feed the baby as and when he/she is hungry. But working mother is likely to face issues as they have to return back to work after taking a long holiday. Breastfeeding can become a major issue as they cannot have their baby at the workplace. This is where the best Electric Breast Pump can prove to be of great help. It allows working women to get back to work quickly and without having worry about her child as the little one gets to have ample mother’s milk as usual, but in a different way.

Expert advice to consider

Using the latest Hands Free Breast Pump, it is possible for women to return to work. American Paediatrics Academy states that mother should provide their milk to their child directly from their breast during the initial six months of their birth. Taking a few steps will allow you to return to work easily and without having to worry about your child’s development and well-being. You can get lots of valuable ideas on this topic from well-established portals like

  • You need to breastfeed your baby at least 8 to 12 times for every 24 hours. You may even consider pumping your breasts in case, your baby is not breastfed.
  • For the initial 3 to 4 weeks avoid providing your child with pacifier or bottles as it might only reduce their milk intake. On leaving hospital, if you desire to continue breastfeeding, then babies may not want to leave their pacifiers or bottles as they get addicted to it and do not prefer changes. In case your baby prefers availing milk from your nipple and you desire to change, do let it know.
  • Use quality hospital grade rental pump or quality personal pump to express milk sooner or after 3 to 4 weeks if the need arises to get relief from engorgement symptoms. You may use Wearable Breast Pump to serve the purpose. Electric pumps allow pumping milk from the mother’s both breasts simultaneously, thereby reducing pumping time. Such pumps are known to work miracles since you can continue pumping your milk at work and join office after completing maternity leave.
  • The right time for pumping milk using Electric Wearable Breast Pump is after completing feeding of your baby. Use milk storage bags or 4 oz. bottles and freeze milk. Some mothers have reported producing more milk early in the morning rather than evening.
  • At least two weeks before getting back to work, practice your child to get accustomed to bottle feeding. This is important as most babies prefer breastfeeding instead of bottle-feeding. You can ask any family member or the nanny to feed the baby when he/she is hungry with your pumped milk. This should be done as your child gets accustomed to drinking milk from bottle nipple.

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