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Lithium Ion Batteries – The New Alternative

Custom Lithium Ion Battery

We have all heard about the normal Lithium batteries. They have been used over the years and with good results. However, they also had certain disadvantages, such as the tendency to get heated and explode. Since there was no viable alternative, lithium batteries continued to be used all along. But now with the discovery of the lithium ion battery, a better alternative has come into play and is considered to be a very exciting development.

It is significant to know that the first lithium battery came into existence in the 1970s. There were many attempts in the 1980s to develop such rechargeable lithium batteries. But the world could not develop rechargeable lithium batteries due to the possibility of quick heating and explosion. The shorting of the dendrites within the lithium batteries caused immediate heating, which led to the lithium inside melting and causing reactions that were harmful.

In 2005, the company A123 Systems came out with their prototype of Lithium Ion battery. They claimed these batteries would be safe, have lot of power and longer life as opposed to the conventional lithium battery. They also said the custom lithium ion battery can be charged faster due to the technology they had introduced.

The Lithium Ion Battery Pack Was Well Received

The response to the initial launch of the lithium ion battery was good. Black & Decker, one of the major cordless tool makers started using these batteries for their DeWalt range of cordless tools. The tools included the 36 volt Li-ion batteries with a hammer drill, rotary hammer, reciprocating saw, jigsaw and impact wrench. They also supplied flashlight along with combo kits. You can find more information here; 

But the customers wanted something more. They wanted a custom lithium ion battery pack supplier who could manufacture such batteries as per their need. It was difficult for anybody to make such batteries from scratch since there were many tools involved. It also meant you had to invest in time and effort to make them.

The custom lithium ion battery provided a greater safety measure and you could make them with the power required by you. This was one of the major advantages of the custom li-ion batteries over the ones made by companies that were of standard specifications.

Typically, there are various types of batteries used by customers. They are:

  • The normal lithium- ion
  • The LiFePO4 that has the phosphate element in it
  • The Li-po which has lithium polymer

The most common continues to be the Li-ions. They come in various power capacities with energy packed tightly within them. The safety is high and that is why the plug-in hybrid vehicles, hybrid vehicles and all- electric vehicles make use of such batteries.

Lithium Ion Batteries – Best For Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

The Lithium ion batteries are gaining in prominence also due to the awareness among people of discontinuing with fossil fuels for vehicles. They are now getting used to a technology that is not only safe for themselves but also for the environment. They feel better using electric vehicles as they feel they are also contributing positively towards the environment and reducing their carbon footprint.

The Lithium ion and Lithium Polymer batteries are the most common types of batteries used in electric vehicles. The Lithium Polymer batteries are also used in other high-power vehicles like the drones.

However, when it comes to DIY projects, the Li-Ion batteries are preferred due to their higher safety, lower cost and optimum performance. You only need to be fully conversant with the parameters such as the energy capacity, voltage and current requirements to be able to choose the battery you need. This would change based on the DIY project undertaken.