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Rapid Prototyping for product design & development: 5 Benefits to derive

Rapid Prototyping Service

These days, competition has become stiff & customers have also become wary & quite demanding. They are designing new things, shapes, features & the like. Hence, it becomes important for manufacturers in all domains to come up a variety of designs to meet the growing expectations of customers. Also there are a few customers who prefer custom design to match their taste & needs. For such products, coming up with the exact design as desired by the customers can be a tough task for any manufacturer.

Overcoming challenges

Product designers do face plenty of challenges. The common challenge that is faced by them is that the final product before actual completion cannot be seen or felt. Although several advancements have been made in the field of 3D CAD, much room is still left for further improvement.

These days, additive manufacturing or Rapid Prototyping Service is gaining popularity among manufacturers, engineers & designers. It allows manufacturers to have a better idea about the product’s overall potentiality. Moreover, rapid prototyping makes things much easier.

Benefits offered by rapid prototyping concept

  • Checking design concepts: Designers using this advanced concept can now dream many things and convert that to into a real model that can be viewed & felt. Ideas can now be converted into a prototype before the actual product is developed. It also offers them with solid concept proof for clients.
  • Essential changes can be made easily: Having the product’s physical model in hand, it takes very less time to incorporate necessary changes in a very short time span. The customers on viewing & feeling the prototype product can provide their feedback & the changes they would like to incorporate in it. Accordingly, the manufacturer can make the necessary changes to make the final product to appear & feel like the way the customer desired. this provides greater customer satisfaction. Several iterations might be necessary before finalizing design of the product. Every iteration process allows the design to improve further. It also helps to develop greater trust among designers & consumers. Besides this, the technique also allows to identify the market needs, thus allowing manufacturers to come up with highly competitive products. It will be necessary to invest only in a good & reputed Rapid Prototyping Process Manufacturing company.
  • Saving time & money: Using additive manufacturing concept, the manufacturer does not have to waste precious money or time to come up with special moulds, patterns or tools. Moreover, the same CAD programs & printing tools can be utilized to create different types of geometries. Unlike traditional prototyping techniques such as CNC machining, waste is not produced much in this process. The reason is that rapid prototyping process uses less material than what is actually necessary to create the product.
  • Custom designs: This is one promising benefit that cannot be ignored or neglected. Custom products can now be developed with this concept based on customer requirements & preferences. Even special tools or processes are not required to implement design changes. The entire process remains untouched even if there is required only a minor change. It can be immensely beneficial for manufacturers. For details, refer to https://www.jasonmolding.com/rapid-prototyping-service/!
  • Reduced design issues: With additive manufacturing, it is possible to identify flaws if any exists in the design. this is possible much before the product is sent for mass production. Materials required to develop the prototypes do create a unit sharing the actual product’s properties & strengths. Engineers also can carry out various types of tests without experiencing any problem. Issues & faults if any present in the product can be identified without much hassle, thus allowing the final product to be free from such issues.

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