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Tough and Durable Hydraulic hose – Make it your successful partner


First and foremost, let us establish clarity when it comes to the varieties of hydraulic hoses. These are available depending on the application type.  The types of Hydraulic hose include ones with reinforced steel Teflon and reinforced rubber.  The rubber varieties are supple and ideally used for transmitting liquids.  Moreover, rubber is heat resistant which means it is long lasting and corrosion free.

The steel Teflon hose has a mesh covering and so it lends greater suppleness of the hose.  Since they undergo high exterior temperatures, rubber cannot withstand such heat, hence the need to mesh them up.  Irrespective of the hose type one chooses, the typical hydraulic hose comprises three parts that include a tubing that aids in carrying fluids which is surrounded by textile based yarn or wire.  The outer layer is then further protected so as to make it resistant to oils, chemicals and abrasion.

The hydraulic hose SAE 100R14 is so different from the normal rubber hose and these are used for very tough tasks, hence the sleeves are made using stainless steel or nylon.  The hydraulic system has a minimum of two hoses one that is used for low pressure and one that is used for high pressure.  A hydraulic pump is connected to it which enables the fluid to pass through the device hydraulically similar to a hydraulic cylinder. The pump is driven by the engine of the vehicle or even by using electricity. Please visit; to know more.

SS304 braids PTFE hose is used for drilling functions like drilling of huge rocks, high pressure activity, drilling earth and so on.  In addition to this, it is also used for cutting heavy metal sheets in many situations.  The hose has speedy disconnection provisions enabling it to be removed or replaced without wasting the air that gets accumulated in the system.  

Farming and construction usage

The hoses are used by farming and construction implements which are then connected to power sources.  The hose gets connected to a hydraulic jack hammer which can be placed on the crane and then used on a skid steer tractor.  These are actually sturdier, stiffer and heavier, thanks to the layers for reinforcing.   There may be many multiple flexible hose sections which get connected when working and it enables them to withstand loads of heat since a lot of heat is generated during the pumping of the hydraulic fluid.  However, there are incorporated cooling systems that aid in reducing the heat considerably if the fluid becomes hot.  The hydraulic hoses are completely different from the ordinary hoses which are manufactured differently and the former enables them to withstand loads of heat and power.

The teflon hose has high pressure hydraulic lines and it meets or exceeds the requirements of specific models.   Few factors that need to be keyed in when selecting a hydraulic hose include the size of the hose, the temperature that it can withstand, the varied applications, the material that goes into making it and last but not the least the pressure that is required to handle it.  The crimping capabilities of the hoses vary and so it is imperative that you do a complete research before settling for the hydraulic hose.   The hose selected should be such that the right amount of force is exerted for the application for which the hose is put through.

If you know of any of your friends or colleagues who have bought this hose, make sure to check the reliability and the quality of the hose before settling for any particular brand. Go through reviews posted on the website and then accordingly take a decision.