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What are the different high quality Titanium rods for sale?


The hardware industry that powers the different sectors of our daily lives is one of the most important industries for the smooth operation of different machines. For instance the titanium is a vital hardware component that is used in several crucial applications across different industries. The different titanium components such as titanium tube, pure titanium bar and related materials are used in different applications of spaceflight, petroleum, aviation, biology, chemical engineering, ocean engineering, medical treatment, electronic engineering, vacuum coating and sports amongst others.

There are different manufacturers of pure titanium rod, titanium pipe and related titanium products in the market. It is important that you purchase your titanium materials from reliable manufacturers to ensure that the product that you purchase is of the highest quality. The Firmakes is one of the most trusted brands in the market when it comes to high quality titanium products.

Technical excellence offered by the company

The titanium products from https://www.firmakes.com/ are of excellent quality and they meet all the necessary standards of the industrial applications like JIS, ASTM, DIN and ASME. The objective of the company is to continuously strive on further improving the quality of their products. The titanium from Firmakes has all the makings as well as expertise of the titanium processing industry and technical cooperation with renowned companies of the industry such as NIN and Baoti group for developing components that meet the high requirements of the clients. The Firmakes products have passed the product qualification and certification like TUV medical device certification and aviation system AS9100D of the French BV group.

Documenting the different products sold by Firmakes

You can purchase a wide range of high quality titanium products sold by the company. Some of the excellent titanium products that are featured and listed on their website includes Titanium non-standard fastener, Titanium hex nuts, Titanium elbow, Titanium hex head bolt, Titanium blind flange, Pure titanium wire and titanium alloy wire, Pure titanium sheet/plate, and Titanium alloy discs for the denture carving machine amongst others. Let us have a look at one of these products in more detail.

Ti clad steel:The company manufactures the titanium clad steel plate using the technology of the explosive welding. First and foremost the subtrate is polished and the two sheets of the metal plate are kept at certain distance. Then a specific number of explosives are laid on the surface of the titanium plate and it is detonated at one end of explosives. This explosion leads the cladding material to a rapid collision with base material and the speed of explosion can be as high as thousands of meters each second. The titanium and steel plate at the contact point have high pressure and large deformation speed it leads to the showing of fluid behavior.

During the same period the gas adsorption layer and oxide film on the metal surfaces get excluded and consequently bonding between clean metal surfaces is achieved instantly. The plate which is directly exploded is usually the thick plate and after the rolling it is processed into the composite thin plate.

There are various application of these explosive cladding plates and these applications include civil field, electrical and electronic field, machinery manufacturing, transportation, nuclear power projects, marine engineering, ship building industry, metallurgical and use in the military field. Some of the metals or clad plated provided by the company includes Stainless steel clad plates, Titanium steel clad plates, Duplex steel clad plates, Zirconium steel clad plates and Nickel steel clad plates amongst others.