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What should you know about TPE car floor mat?


The car accessories are responsible for transforming the entire experience of your car rides. These accessories are designed to provide the customers with more comfort, ease, convenience and productivity. There are different types of car accessories that are manufactured by a wide range of brands and vendors such as WeDoi in the market. It is vital to choose the right manufacturer for your accessory products as you ideally want the best value for money. Amongst the different names in the market, is one of the most reliable names with years of quality service and dependable car accessory products in the market.

The car floor mat is one of the vital accessories that helps in protecting the carpet of the car from the extensive damage caused over the years. These custom fit car floor mats help in keeping the car floor clean and safe. Whenever you step into the car you carry along a lot of dust and dirt with the shoes which makes the car dirty. So to protect the car interiors from the dirt, the car mats play a very significant role. The car mat cushions are made using textiles or synthetic materials like cotton. They also have spokes or grooves for preventing water or dirt getting trapped within them. These car floor mats are usually very easy to remove plus they enable the removal of dust conveniently. This makes the car look pretty clean from within.

The TPE 3D floor mats for prominent car brands

The custom TPE car floor mat is ideally designed by WeDoi for matching the car. The innovative structure which has 3 layers is specifically designed for providing safe, stylish and also comfortable daily protection on riding for the vehicle interior. The MAXpider which is patented bottom layer helps in holding the mat in its place without damaging original carpet such as velcro or leaving behind marks like nib of conventional rubber floor mat. The 3D design provides accurate measurement for the contours of cabin of the vehicle and edges are lifted for providing maximum coverage as well as protection for the car interior. The 3D cushions have waterproof property. The layer of the surface is made from carbon textured thermoplastic rubber that complements the vehicle with exact style you need.

If you are looking for personal touch to the vehicle decoration or want protection from the floor dirt, stains or spills, the wide range of floor mats from WeDoi provides you with the ideal solution. The artificial rich leather finish provides the car with the most plush appearance and 7D foot pads are immaculately designed. The 7D mat covers the complete floor until the threshold which reduces the possibility of dirt infiltration to original carpet of the car. These mats provide complete safety while driving and they have an anti-slip layer for better grip.