Which are the best solar powered street lights in the market?


The street lights have evolved tremendously in recent years and today we have some of the most modern and innovative lights with the most efficient results. These lights are manufactured by various brands and companies in the industry. Amongst the different types of lighting solutions available in the market, the solar powered lights are particularly gaining in popularity owing to their eco-friendly nature of operation and overall improvement in  efficiency. These solar powered street light uses solar energy for powering on and illuminating the streets with smart lighting solution.

Amongst the various names in the market, the Cmoonlight is one of the most renowned brands for solar powered street lights. The company has been in the business of manufacturing solar street lights for numerous years and the company has developed the necessary expertise for producing some of the most innovative and energy efficient street lighting solutions in the market.

About the company

The Shenzhen Moonlight technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 2010 and it is a professional solar street light manufacturer of high quality solar powered street lights. The company known through its brand name of Cmoonlight has a decade of experience in the industry and its products include various solar powered lights and related applications. The company’s efforts are dedicated towards R&D plus sales of the solar led street light, solar power systems, solar traffic light, split solar street light, and solar floodlight integrated in effective lighting solutions.

The solar garden light and palm tree foldable solar street light from Cmoonlight enjoy excellent reputation and are amongst the most popular products in the market..

The various solar street light products sold by Cmoonlight

The Cmoonlight has an excellent collection of some of the most efficient and innovative solar street lighting solutions in the market. Some of the best products that are listed on includes Foldable All In One Solar Street Light, Solar Street Light With Pole And Lifter, Split Solar Street Light, All In One Solar Street Light, and Solar Garden Light. We will have a brief look at one of these products.

Foldable All In One Solar Street Light: The different types of solar street lights such as  split solar lights, semi-split solar lights, and integrated solar lights all come with their own benefits and flaws. The Cmoonlight has combined the advantages of different lighting solutions by designing a creative foldable integrated solar street light called Palm tree solar street light, which is one of the exclusive designs and patent from the company.

This integrated foldable street light is a flagship product from Cmoonlight. This product adjusts the solar panel angle for better exposure to the sun which helps in achieving maximum efficiency for the solar panel absorption. The company uses the most advanced solar panels and lithium batteries, controllers and LED lamp beads for manufacturing its solar lighting solutions and municipal projects.