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Hello, I’m the ‘computer geek behind 8bit-micro.  I  brought this project about as a result of a need.  Simply put, the need to remember the past and to support those stuck in a time warp.  The systems featured at 8bit-micro are still being used today by many.  Some for business, some for instrument controls, and many others just for the fun of it.  8bit-micro is a non-profit work of passion and is a non-commercial site, and any equipment you find for sale on this site are either listed by visitors in the guestbook, or you may find that I am selling some of my personal collections. 

I have worked in the IT field since 1983 selling and supporting TRS-80’s, IBM, Compaq, NEC and OEM systems.  Having run a BBS system under the Wildcat! environment (like that…  an ‘environment’) supporting Tandy Computers for 10 years under the title of T,C.S.G. (Tandy Computer Support Group)  He can be reached via email at:  [email protected]

Please take the time to browse and come back often.  Any support or suggestions you may have will be used to improve and keep this site online. 

Thank you.


Brian K. Hahn

If you wish to to contact us via snail mail.

8bit-micro is located at:


Box 580,

Millet, AB. Canada

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