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Hello, I'm the 'computer geek behind 8bit-micro. I brought this project about as a result of a need. Simply put, the need to remember the past and to support those stuck in a time warp. The systems featured at 8bit-micro are still being used today by many. Some for business, some for instrument controls, and many others just for the fun of it. 8bit-micro is a non-profit work of passion and is a non-commercial site, and any equipment you find for sale on this site are either listed by visitors in the guestbook, or you may find that I am selling some of my personal collections.

I have worked in the IT field since 1983 selling and supporting TRS-80's, IBM, Compaq, NEC and OEM systems. Having run a BBS system under the Wildcat! environment (like that... an 'environment') supporting Tandy Computers for 10 years under the title of T,C.S.G. (Tandy Computer Support Group) He can be reached via email at:

Please take the time to browse and come back often. Any support or suggestions you may have will be used to improve and keep this site online.



A Null-Modem is a Null Modem Right? - Not Really

We take a closer look at why many people have trouble transferring files using a store bought Null Modem Adaptor. We show you the difference between a standard Null Modem and the correct FULL NULL MODEM. This will solve your connection problems.

Taking the Screwdriver to your Tandy 1110HD

Replacing the Conner CP2024 IDE Hard Drive in the Tandy Laptop - Many have written us and asked about replacing the hard drive on the Tandy 1110HD notebook and until this week. I have always replied with the usual, "I haven't had to attempt that yet." Yes, you guessed it. This was the week.

The Tandy WP-2 & Citizen (NTS) WP10 Revised History!

Not many articles have been written of the subject of portable word processors, but those that are out there need to be accurate. I came across a "paper" written and published by "The Computing Teacher, October 1994" entitled " Laptop Word Processors in the Classroom.

Build your own Data Cassette Cable for your TRS-80.

Cassette Interface Revealed! There is something very entertaining about loading and saving programs onto a simple cassette recorder. We map out the cassette interface cable, and give you the information you need to built your own.


Use your Windows XP Computer as a Disk Drive for the Tandy WP2 & Citizen CBM-10wp!

WP2DOS now operates under Windows NT, 2000 & XP with the 8bit-Micro Drive-Link Cable.

The problem with using the Tandy WP2 DOS program, WP2DOS by Chris De Herrera with Windows NT, 2000 and XP is now in the past. Assembled here at 8bit-Micro are Tandy WP2 Drive-Link (FULL-NULL-MODEM 9PIN) cables, designed to work with WP2DOS and Windows XP. These cables are fully tested, and came about when many supporters of 8bit-Micro were having trouble transferring files to and from the Tandy word processors and their Windows XP computers. One other problem discovered was that WP2DOS will not work under an NTFS format or FAT32 format. The second part of solving the problem was to run the program from a FAT formatted drive. All DOS formatted floppy drives fit the bill. If you are interested in using your favorite word processor with your Windows based computer you can obtain your Drive-Link Kits HERE.


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