Tips on Choosing High Quality IQOS Heatsticks from Online Market


If you are new to smoking then heatsticks are your best choice for they are less harmful than traditional cigarette. However, there is still some dispute as to whether they are less harmless than vaping. Yet from the point of view of user experience, heatsticks have been on the forefront in recent times due to unique smoking experience. It has been found that heatsticks are more interesting to smoke and this is perhaps one of the reasons why there is great demand for the product.

Unlike cigarettes that are ordinary looking with paper wrapping on tobacco, heatsticks are savvy looking that gives you style when you smoke it. In fact, heatsticks are specially designed units wherein the tobacco is contained and then with help of IQOS holder the user inhales nicotine leisurely.

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Quality Heatsticks for Best Smoking Session

It may be a bit tricky to shop your best heatsticks from several online stores that happily state that they are the best. In order to get best heatsticks you ought to choose a good brand. If you simply go for lower prices then you may not get quality smoking and besides, you would always get bad stuff. And bad stuffs may mean that with each inhale you are likely to take in more nicotine than ordinary cigarettes.

Hence, the best advice here would be to choose marlboro heatsticks as they are of top class quality. You will find that the very moment you purchase them and use them. It will have several filter chambers all minute and these protect you from the raw gush of nicotine into your lungs.

These marlboroheatsticks for sales include a tobacco plug and then a hollow looking acetate tube, filter that is made of polymer film and cellulose acetate filter at the mouth end. Above all, the tobacco too is special and is blended high quality variety with careful research having been done on their origins and types. With high quality tobacco harmful substances like tar and other chemicals are reduced. It also generates remarkably less smoke than traditional cigarette as heatsticks heat the tobacco and do not burn them as is done in the case of cigarette.

Buy Marlboro IQOS Heatsticks Online

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IQOS are meant to be smoked at leisure and therefore a good brand can give you better satisfaction than ordinary ones. As is the case with all heatsticks once you consume your puffs then you cannot re-use Marlboro too. Yet another noteworthy point is that these IQOS uses tobacco wrapped up in a special type of paper so as to deliver nicotine to smokers. There is also a great flavor if you use Marlboro brand.

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Duration of Puffs

Duration of puffs with each heatstick is almost the same as that of cigarette. You may find the tobacco flavor greatly invigorating and each heatstick produced from marlboro heatsticks factory lasts for around 6 minutes.  This also means that you can inhale around 14 puffs per heatstick. There is of course less smell due to the filtering process and hence your enjoyment is complete.