Based Chip Underfill – COB Encapsulation Materials


Deep Material provides new capillary-flow under fills for CSP devices, flip chips and BGA. Deep Material’s latest capillary flow sub fills are high-purity one-component pot materials with high fluidity. They form uniform under fill layers and eliminate solder stress, improving the reliability and mechanical property of components. Deep Material can fill extremely fine pitch parts quickly, with high cure rates, long workability, and longevity, as well as allowing for rework ability. Rework ability can save you money by allowing the board’s under fill to be removed and refilled.

For extended thermal age and long cycle life, flip chip assembly requires stress relief to the welding seam. CSP or BGA assemblies will require the use an under fill to improve mechanical integrity during flexing, vibration, or drop testing.

Deep Material’s Based Chip Underfill have a high filler content and fast flow in small pitches. With the ability for high glass transition temperatures, high modulus, and high glass transition temperatures, CSP under fills have a variety of filler levels. Each level is selected to match the intended glass transition temperature and module.

You can use COB to protect wire bonds and increase their mechanical strength. Protective sealing of wire-bonded chip includes gap filling, cofferdam, and top encapsulation. Adhesives need to have fine-tuning Flow Functions. This ensures that the wires are protected and that the adhesive doesn’t leak from the chip. It also allows for fine pitch leads.

Deep Materials COB-encapsulating adhesives may be thermally or UV cured. Deep Materials COB can also be heat cured or UV curable with high reliability. Deep Material’s waterproofing adhesives for COB protects silicon wafers and leads from mechanical and chemical damage.

Deep Material COB Encapsulating Adhesives are made from heat-curing epoxy and UV-curing acrylic chemistries. These chemistries provide good electrical insulation. Deep Material COB Encapsulation Materials offer excellent high temperature stability and thermal stress resistance, good electrical insulation properties across a wide temperature spectrum, and low shrinkage.

Deep Material, Ltd., in Shenzhen, is an innovative company which specializes adhesives for semiconductor and other electronic applications, and surface protection material for chip packaging, testing, or packaging.

Deep Material, based on its core technology of adhesives developed adhesives in chip packaging and testing as well circuit board level adhesives and adhesives used for electronic products. It has also developed protective films, semiconductor sealants, and packaging materials suitable for processing semiconductor wafers. Get more info here:

To provide electronic adhesives and thin-film electronic application materials products and solutions for communication terminal companies, consumer electronics companies, semiconductor packaging and testing companies, and communication equipment manufacturers, to solve the above-mentioned customers in process protection, product high-precision bonding, and electrical performance. Domestic substitution demand for protection, optical protection, etc.