manual hospital beds
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Guide to purchasing manual hospital beds

manual hospital beds

Perhaps you are interested in hospital beds & are trying to seek information on the same. This article can provide you with ample information on this product to help you to make the right choice.

About manual hospital beds

These are also referred to as medical beds. They are fitted with hand cranks with the purpose to raise the level of the bed as a whole, including the patient’s foot & head sections. It offers optimum comfort to the patient, allowing them to get relief from pain & derive good sleep. These beds are also versatile and available as semi & full electric operated beds. However, it is expensive & requires a good amount as investment. If you plan to buy a manual operated hospital bed, do make sure to invest in something that is not only comfortable, durable & made from sturdy, quality materials, but also provides comfort to the patient using it. Manual ones are undoubtedly cost-effective options & can be used for a long time. These are found ideal for those having the capability to use hand crank for lowering & raising the bed.

Tips to select the best manual hospital beds

If you are a first-time shopper for manual beds, then you are likely to experience tension & stress & make some common mistakes. Hence, it will be wise to do some research about this product & find out more information about it. Also get to know the different types & be aware of its pros & cons. China manual hospital beds is easily available wide range in the market. You need to choose only the top manufacturers for your selection & final purchase. The reputed manufacturers will make use of top quality materials in its construction & offer fail-proof, straightforward bed. It will also be sturdy & comfortable to be used. You can use these beds for long time and they are also excellent economical solutions to any small nursing facility or homes to allow patients to rest in comfort & recover quickly.

Features present in manual beds

The manual beds are fitted with components that are somewhat different from that of the semi-electric & fully electric hospital beds. Some of the salient features present in the hospital bed include the following:

  • Easy to release motor mount to allow quick motor removal.
  • Reinforced headspring to allow optimum support & bed strength.
  • Reinforced corner plates fitted to avoid bending.
  • Durable casters allow secured locking & increased mobility.

Pros & cons of using manual beds

  • Adjustable knee & head position to offer increased circulation & comfort.
  • Adjustable height to allow easy mobility to get in & out of the bed.
  • Much economical when compared to semi & full electric operated beds.
  • Requires less upkeep & maintenance.

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Differences between electric & manual beds

Generally, there are two types of hospital beds, namely, electrical & manual beds. You need to be aware of the differences that exist between the two, understand its features, pros & cons.

  • Firstly, their prices differ. The manual one is quite affordable & within every family’s range. But electric operated ones are expensive & will require a good amount.
  • Secondly, hand cranks are present in manual beds to operate to raise & lower the bed height. On the other hand, electric based ones can be adjusted using a control.
  • Thirdly, manual ones generally are used to tackle short term situations. But if the patient is required to stay in bed for a longer duration, then electric ones is a better choice.  The reason is because, the latter will not take much effort to lower or raise the patient. Heavy patients can find the latter to be useful & convenient and not have to depend on others for help.

When searching for Medical Equipment, do shop only from a reputed manufacturer.