How to Select the Right Glass Bong


When you’re looking for a modern glass bong first factor to think about is the design and shape of the bong. The two most popular types of glass bongs that are available for purchase are straight tubes and beakers. The beaker glass is modeled on the scientific beaker and straight tube bongs are totally straight from the base until the mouthpiece. The most sought-after model is the scientific bong. It is generally fully transparent, heavy high-functional, and often has filter filters and diffusers.

Slides and bowl pieces

The other important aspect that a glass bong is available for purchase is the bowl or slide. There are many different types of bowls available, and you are able to purchase various sizes, colors, designs and more. However, they all serve the same goal and that is to house dried herbs. The second thing you should be looking for when purchasing the new bowl is the size of the joint and the kind. Each bong comes with an 11mm, 14mm, or 18mm connector that is either male or female. Male bowls are put onto a pipe that is female and a female one is set on the male pipe. Whatever style you prefer or the type of glass bongs we have the right bowl for you Make sure to pick the correct dimensions and gender.


A lot of faucets require an upper rod. Lower rods are made of glass that connects the bowl to the water inside the bottom of the container. This permits dispersal and the filtration of dried herbs. In recent times there have been many glass bongs that do not require stems can be known as stemless bongs. Stemless smoking guns are less difficult to clean and generally less slick. There are many kinds of filters and styles that can be used for the down stalks. When purchasing a brand fresh drainpipe, be sure that you purchase the right size or it won’t fit in the pipe.


In recent times bongs made of glass have become more complicated and include some stunning percolators. The percolator is part of the glass bongs and it makes smoking comfortable and smooth. Prior to inhaling, Percs will cool and filter smoke, making the smoking experience more enjoyable. Percs stands for an abbreviation of filters. They are available in a variety of designs and features and filters. Some bongs made of glass also include an ice-catcher. You can add ice into the bong to reduce the heat. If you’re really looking to improve the quality of your glass bong you could add an ash filter to provide additional filtering. You can also maintain the cleanliness of your glass bong by collecting dust before the bong is introduced. Read more:

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